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The True Romantic Vision

The excessive portrayal of the fabulous feeling to dive into a new reality.


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The True Romantic Story

The True Romantics have arrived and they are ready for a shared journey through the fabulous and the eerie. They offer a fuluminant powerpop spectacle with eight original songs included in their debut concept EP: „Millennial Anthem Library„.

The icon of the underdog gets ready for the cult. Singer Michi (25) guides with his melodies and lyrics through the stories from his book of love. „Millennial Anthem Library“ evolves across different genres into unique pop songs that will make you addicted to them. The peaces grab on a meta level with an overwhelming depth and describe the fabulous feeling of diving into a new reality. Live performances are created under absolute devotion. There may not be missing art installations or even several outfit changes. Because the theater of the True Romantics is a never ending play!

The first music videos already show the artistic potential behind their concept. Everyone is invited to join the fantasy, to become part of the inspiration. The first single „Addicted“ dropped on December 17th, 2021. Exactly six months later, so on June 17th, 2022 the EP followed. The transfiguration comes into harmony with reality. Only what is really true and romantic, will remain in the end.


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